Black Belt Dojo of Martial Arts is an organization registered and dedicated to promote traditional kungfu and contemporary wushu, developing the ancient fighting arts, providing greater teaching and learning opportunities for masters and students. It coordinates its efforts with other International organizations, particularly those in Asia to develop the ancient fighting arts and its competitions on an International Level.

Black Belt Dojo of Martial Arts is the official Indian representative to the Shaolin Temple, China and the only national governing body recognized by the, World Traditional Kung-Fu Federation, World KungFu League and Martial Arts Authority of India. The Black Belt Dojo of Martial Arts is the first and only organization in India to successfully develop regional and national activities, and its formation has tremendously improved the way Wushu-Kungfu events are managed and conducted in the nation. Internationally, the Black Belt Dojo of Martial Arts has represented India in many functions and events.


We feel pleasure in introducing the seekers about the achievements and its remarkable activities around the globe. Every year it gears up and organizes various noticeable events in a broad spectrum to pep up the enthusiasm of those who are devoted to Chinese Martial Arts.

Every year the Black Belt Dojo of Martial Arts recognizes the outstanding individuals who have contributed to the continued growth of our Arts whether through teaching, promoting competitions and events, volunteering or competing as an athlete. They have demonstrated remarkable achievements and promoted excellence in their respective field. Black Belt Dojo of Martial Arts is pleased to recognize these individuals and their efforts. They have helped our community grow tremendously for the last decade.