Black Belt Dojo of Martial Arts exists to enhance the lives of our students through martial arts and mental integration. Our mission is to assist energy student in discovering ways in which to lead a happier and healthier life. Our courses help to instill in our students a positive outlook towards academic and extra curricular activities.

We offer a number of martial arts classes through out the week for kids we adults. Special classes are provided for girls and ladies for self defence purposes.

We believe that what we have to offer in our classes is truly unique. The origins of dragon kung fu or dragon fist are not well-known, but the movements derive from the Shaolin martial arts as one of the five animal styles of kung fu that originated from the 18 Buddhist Fists created by Indian Buddhist monk Ta Mo.

The dragon style has roots in hakka chuen, a style of kung fu from the Hakka people who live in the inland eastern area of Guang Dong (Cantonese: Canton). Their movements were combined with the kung fu taught to them by monk Zhi Shan, one of the Five Elders of Shaolin. Similar to tiger-claw kung fu, dragon kung fu stylists use clawed hands as part of its repertoire of movements. The dragon claw can be distinguished from the tiger claw in that the dragon-claw hand has the fingers arched back at the knuckles. Along with using one’s chi (internal energy or life force), dragon kung fu also uses a lot of body spins and whips with swinging arm movements to generate power.